Talent Acquisition

Our core business is retained executive search. In keeping with our approach and attitude to business, we term this aspect of value proposition “Talent Acquisition” – we make no apology for the descriptive. Direct search is a combination of intelligence, diligence, rigor, process and passion.

Intelligence & Diligence

Our in-house research capability comprises of a team of truly cosmopolitan and talented Researchers, or “corporate detectives”. From Italy, France, Spain and the US this team prides themselves on finding the needle in the haystack. If he or she exists then our Research team will know where that individual works and operates, or if really challenged, someone who will know where and how to reach that executive. As you’ll see from our accomplish page, we really do have the outreach, cultural sensibility and capability to resource talent globally.


As your search partner we are your eyes and voice in-market. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously and subsequently, we invest time to develop a comprehensive understanding of the brand, customer proposition, organisation and position. These insights are then leveraged to create a compelling and deep understanding of your business, culture and values.