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The ©ircle™

The intensive 5 day programme half way through The Circle™ year is a defining feature of programme. It aims to accelerate participants’ journey to becoming inspirational leaders by providing new knowledge, insight and personal challenge.

The Circle™ is a pioneering leadership development model, designed and developed by TM International, that combines highly experiential learning with proven academic research and analysis.

Calibrated to accelerate the professional and personal development of ‘high-potential’ leadership talent this programme is for those on a career trajectory that will propel them onto the Boards and/or senior leadership teams of their respective companies. The Circle™ selects 4 (max.) executives from each of 6 non-competing world-class corporations and takes these executives on a journey of self-awareness, self-discovery and leadership development as they work in the Boardrooms of all participating companies over a
12 month period.

Delegates will have unique opportunity to observe and learn first-hand from the leaders of these companies as they address the ‘real-time’ issues that each one is facing at the time of their visit.

During their journey around The Circle™ delegates will experience different styles of leadership, the importance of culture and its impact on strategy, change and business decision making but critically, they will learn more about themselves and the type of leader they are today and aspire to become in the future.

In total, The Circle™ journey requires a time investment of 19 days yet generates immeasurable personal and organisational value.

Since its creation, The Circle™ has proven a powerful, life changing experience for those making the journey into senior leadership.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Circle™.