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Introducing the “3 Amigos” – Capability, Behavior and Attitude

Inspired by the learning and course ware of Miller Heiman Inc., TM International are qualified to offer access to  the Miller Heiman suite of customer engagement, strategic selling, account management and channel partner programs.  Offering our global clients access to the thought-leadership, methodology, metrics and systems to effectively plan with and for their customers we have successfully driven performance change in the way our clients have evolved a more customer centric approach to managing their strategic market share customers.

Our facilitators have excelled in this environment and continue to provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment which in typical TM International fashion, is high on energy, big on commercial pragmatism and focused on driving attitudinal and behavioural change in the way a sales organization moves from selling boxes to marketing solutions.  Through this change we aim to challenge your sales team and expose them to concurrent best-in-class thought leadership on how to take the first steps to becoming a truly customer centric sales organization.

Our focus is not only to talk about the way we manage the relationship with the customer but the mindset, behaviours and attitude we must embrace to facilitate this change and to drive the change we wish to see happen (Gandhi) in the way your customer perceives you.  As we all know, perception is invariably more powerful than reality.

So our sales optimization offer is built on the simple but effective notion that the sales planning and/or account management tool is a super asset to any ambitious sales professional.  However, the real difference is how we choose to use it and embrace the learning that fuels it.

Welcome to the “3 Amigos” – simple, charming and highly effective.

New for 2012!

Using a world-class assessment methodology SSAT designed and developed by Predictive Index (PI), TM International now has access to a system that measures the 5 core skills and characteristics that we associate with an effective consultative/solutions led sales process.

The SSAT measures the core sales skills required for a customer focused and consultative sales process. Listed in order, the five areas and what they include are:

Open  – Explores how to build trust and credibility through managing client expectations.

· Setting the Verbal Agenda

· Managing the Sales Process Open

· Handling Early Objections

· Managing Client Expectations

· Capturing Client Mindshare

Investigate – Examines how to accurately assess the situation and uncover client needs.

· Strategic Questioning (balanced question mix)

· Investigative Questioning (specific type of question)

· Proof of Listening with a Verbal Summary

· Examine Decision Making Criteria

· Examine the Client’s Financial Perceptions

Present – Encompasses how to tie your capabilities to the client situation.

· Value Articulation

· Link Capabilities to Client Situation

· Sell Through Involvement

· Establish Value Through Client Relevance

· Differentiation and Solution Accuracy


Confirm – Covers how to gain agreement and win the business.

· Ask for the Business

· Utilize the Objection Handling Process

· Answer Objections Accurately

· Sell to Multiple Buyers

· Create Reseller


Position – Covers how to build long-term customer for life.

· Management of Client Expectations

· Ask for Referrals

· Cross Selling

· Position for Future Opportunities

· Customer Relationship Management

We have designed and customized the offer to provide clients with “deep-dive” access to the measurement system and what it says about your sales organization by market, region, customer and channel but more critically to link the results to the where and how you should focus future training and development resources across your sales organization to drive the superior sales performance,  results and change.

In both instances, contact Mark Stewart, Group Director and Practice Leader for an initial consultation on how we can help you create, plan and measure value at – pleased to help, happy to listen and eager to share.